Advice Before You Go Into Online Marketing

have a tip for ya’ll that I have personally learned myself. Always look for something unique to affiliate with, or to run a business on. Before you jump into something do a Google search on the subject of it, and see how many you are competing with. Once you do that ask yourself if you can truly take on all those sites, and succeed above them? Also remember just because something is popular, and is selling and such good, it doesn’t mean it will do well for you. I got some great, simple advice once when I was running an Amazon affiliate site. I was having some Amazon affiliates critique my site, and I got one comment that totally blew me away! The guy said to me “think about it. Why would someone want to come to your Amazon affiliate site when they can go to the actual Amazon site, and buy from there?” When I read that comment I was shocked. I had never ever thought of that before I paid the money for that site, and the saddest part was that the guy was right.

A lot of people, like I did once I admit, only look for stuff that is popular, and selling good. The problem with that though is the fact that if you do the same thing everyone else is doing you have to ask yourself “why would they come to my site, and not this other person’s site that is just like mine?”

You want to be unique as you can be in this business. Sometimes it is hard too, but always stick to this advice. When I finally got this kind of advice etched in my head I started to make unique sites. At first it was very hard because of the different names of my sites people would criticize it, but I stuck to my weird domain names, and guess what? Go to Google and do a search for wordpressing. My site is #1! and most of the links there are from my site. Now go to the Google search bar and type in the word cheapfreearticles . I’m the only site there! What does this mean to me? Not only did I get top Google rankings for FREE, but I maybe have 10 websites that compete with me. It’s like gold in this business, and it’s all because I broke free from the “popular sites”, and made my own unique site.

Hope this helps